Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

I had an auto accident in which I was not at fault. My SUV was hit on the rear while I was making a left turn. I had to file a claim to the other Party’s Auto insurance company. In this video I share my experience, story, and 3 tips as to how you can maximize/increase your auto insurance claim. A lot of people settle for the first offer not knowing that it is negotiable. A lot of people believe they are being treated fairly by Insurance Companies, and sometimes people are treated fairly and sometimes they are not. It is your job to do your homework. Know what your car is worth(plus property taxes, sales tax, and extra costs of searching and buying a new car).
3 Tips:
1. Know that your Insurance claim is always negotiable. You do not have to settle for your first offer and take it. The insurance companies can always increase their offer to you. If you refuse to settle for the first offer they usually will increase their first offer.

2. Always say “NO” to their 1st and even 2nd offer and back up your stance with good logical reasons. Provide good reasoning.

3. Address the other details besides the accident and damages such as missing work, physical pain, medical issues, trauma, pain and suffering, extra expenses and costs due to accident etc…. Turn little details into a big issue and dramatize.

At the end if you feel you are being treated fairly and getting a fair compensation for your damages it would be up to you to decide to settle or not to settle. Even when you get your insurance claim check for your car repairs, the repairs may take 1-2 weeks in which case you will not have access to your car. So you will have extra expense of renting one. You have to add that rental into your claim during your negotiations….

Good luck ! Be safe out there !