Accident In Car Park When Reversing

A bad driver fails hilariously at reverse parking, in this amusing example of how not to drive.

This bungling driver was caught on camera making an awful attempt at reverse parking – twice backing into another car.

The motorist was spotted in Singapore on May 14 at around 2pm when he attempted the simple manoeuvre.

The driver clattered into the white Audi before making another botched attempt. An onlooker recording the collision on dash cam then yelled at him to stop – sending him driving away allegedly without checking the damage.

Motorist Mani Pariasamy said: ”Leaving the car park after lunch, the blue car in front braked a few times abruptly while looking for a lot.

”Finally, he found one, but couldn’t reverse properly and ended up bumping the white Audi. The first time, happened too fast for me to react. Second near attempt, I honked at him to stop just before contact.

”Third attempt, I got out and yelled at him. The man just drove off without assessing the damage nor leaving his details. ”

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